Themed Projects

Walt Disney created the concept of the Themed Environment – a way of telling stories through art and technology.

Jungle Land at Mersal Village, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We were contracted by the the Special Effects designer for the Lost Mine Ride, a ride through a haunted ride, to provide Lighting Design, Sound Design, Video Integration, Show Control and Animation Control Integration. Received a second contract to add Lighting, Sound and Show Control through all the park walkways, waterfall area, and Tarzan’s Tree house.

Pirate Island Pizza, Utah, USA

We were contracted to help with all areas of design for this pirate themed restaurant chain. This included story design, Lighting Design, Installation and Programming, Sound Design and Installation, Show Control Integration, IT Design and Installation, as well as specking out the Point of Sale system. Near the end of the installation, was given an additional task of designing and installing the Arcade.

Later, we continued to work with the organization in a maintenance and Special Event design capacity.

St. George Children’s Museum, St. George, UT

Have designed, build, installed and maintained several displays throughout their location. These include the interactive animal feeding board in the Farm Room, the dinosaur audio and interactive volcano in the Prehistoric Room, the metal detector and luggage scanner in the Transportation Room, and the reprogrammed ATM in front of the Zions Bank Exhibit.